in und um MÜNCHEN

artikelbilder-59City Walk 'Munich's beer and brewing traditions'

This exciting city walk combines history and sights of Munich's Old City Center with entertaining anecdotes on Munich's (and Bavaria's) national drink and discover why beer, also called 'liquid bread', has always been so important to Munich. Hear about the monks who started and developed the Bavarian brewing traditions, about why the Bavarian Beer Purity Law - the first food safety law in history - was introduced in 1516 and about ehat sparked the socalled 'Beer Revolution'. Learn also more about Bavarian customes, festivities and - of course - about our beer gardens!

Where could you find a more suitable end to this tour than in a traditional Munich 'Brauhaus'


in a typical Munich beer garden enjoying a delicious draught beer.

Bookable any time, duration 2-3 hours. Price upon request.