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GAPA u. Zugspitze PixelDay Trip Garmisch & Zugspitze mountain

Located at the foot of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, and the Werdenfels mountain range, Garmisch-Partenkichen is one of the most important health resorts and the No. 1 location for winter sports in Germany. In 1936 Garmisch hosted the Winter-Olympics and in 2010 the Alpine World Ski Championships. We invite you for a stroll around this charming, lively village with its traditional houses, painted facades and Bavarian charm. Later you can enjoy pure nature – on top of the Zugspitze mountain from where you can have an overwhelming view of the Alps and Upper Bavaria (weather permitting).

From Garmisch-Partenkirchen you can easily reach the following destinations:
The Partnach Gorge with its wild waterfalls, water rapids and tranquil water basins, declared a natural monument in 1912.
Linderhof Palace with its famous ornamental gardens and park buildings including the "Maurischer Kiosk" (Moorish Kiosk) which was originally built for the 1850 Paris World Exhibition.
Mittenwald with its historic houses, old facades and magnificent frescoes is well-known also for its violin makers - Mozart’s concert violin was made here.