City Tours

in and around MUNICH

Neuschwanstein PixelNeuschwanstein Castle

Boldly situated on a steep cliff, Neuschwanstein Castle towers high above the surrounding land in an unrivalled setting like that of Sleeping Beauty. Enjoy with us this fantastic castle which is probably the most famous of all castles and palaces built by King Ludwig II.
If interested, we also love to show you Hohenschwangau Castle where Ludwig II spent the better part of his childhood, or tell you all about the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty and the Bavarian Kings during a visit to the newly opened "Museum of the Bavarian Kings".
On our way back to Munich visit the splendid Wieskirche, one of the most important pilgrimage churches and one of the most fully developed creations of German Rococo, inscribed  by UNESCO in the world cultural heritage list. This tour can be combined with a visit to the villages of Oberammergau and Ettal.

Schloss Linderhof PixelLinderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace, the only palace King Ludwig II finished in his lifetime, with its magnificent ornamental gardens is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Upper Bavaria. Enjoy with us Ludwig II’s romantic palace where he spent most of his time and also visit the picturesque nearby villages of Ettal with its majestic baroque basilica and Oberammergau, famous for the unique outdoor paintings on the house facades, its wood carvers and the Passion Plays that take place every 10 years, the next will take place in 2020.


Herrenchiemsee PixelDay Trip Herrenchiemsee Palace & Fraueninsel island

Herreninsel island (Men’s island) is the largest of three islands in Lake Chiemsee. It became very famous as the site of King Ludwig II’s unfinished Herrenchiemsee Palace. Modeled after the palace of Versailles, Herrenchiemsee Palace was intended to be a New Versailles and - as Temple of Honour for Sun King Louis XIV of France - a praise to absolutism. Be enchanted by this fascinating palace with its pompous interior rooms including the hall of mirrors.
The Old Palace, also called the Augustinian Monastery, where, in 1948, the foundation was laid for the new German constitution, is also extremely interesting.

Follow us also to the unique Fraueninsel island (Womens’ island) with its nunnery and cloister church, which date back to the 8th century, the Carolingian Torhalle (portal building) and the picturesque fishermen’s houses, potteries and flower gardens.